Welcome to the PB blog…

Welcome to the PB Supplements Blog. The blog has ambitions to be updated once a week or more with a whole list of different categories planned to be involved. We aim to blog on training techniques, training routines, nutrition, workout advice, testing of our products, recipes, and of course our high quality products we have to offer you all. We also currently have two guest bloggers in the shape of our female ambassador Julia Hubbard and one of our featured Personal Trainers Dave Stevens.


In case you didn’t know, PB stands for Personal Best, and we fully intend to help you get there however we can. The company started trading in August 2011 and our new website have launched today (07/11/2012). As you can see from our sponsored athletes we are supporting some top names within their respective sports already and hope to add to this to prove the quality effects of the products we sell.


Every item we sell has undergone ISO9001 testing and each passed with flying colours. Therefore our suppements are clear from doping in sport in regards to the amount being taken when following our recommended guidelines.


Over the week building up to the new year we plan to release a whole host of new products to the site available to you all. Finally, we believe we can help you all to achieve your Personal Best so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to see you achieve it through our advice, support, nutrition and more.


Stay tuned to our blog to get the latest from us here at PB Supplements…


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