A welcome to Gem’s motivational fitness blog

Hello world, my name is Gem and I will be putting together a monthly blog as a guest on the PB Supplements online blog spot. PB Supplements and myself have teamed up in order to give you an insight into my personal progress with fitness and to also bring you healthy recipes, workouts and much more. I am determined, focussed and driven to achieve success within the fitness industry and always aim to achieve my Personal Best. Today’s blog is an insight and background into myself so you can see where I have come from, what I’ve been through already within fitness, and where I aim to go.

Growing up I was never one to enjoy P.E, Fitness or any Exercise of any sort…
My Weight was always an issue as I would yo-yo up and down all the time and in my adult years I have always been a size 12-14 and around the 12 stone mark.

I always used to say I was “Big Boned” and that I was “naturally big” and grew to accept that, then one day in October 2011 I decided enough was enough and
I really wanted to loose some weight and make changes to my life for the better!

I began a diet of healthy eating, cutting out bad carb’s and making sure my meals were regular and nutritious, I also made the decision to cut out alcohol altogether.

By June 2012 I had lost a total of two and a half stone and I was buzzing!

My motivation had grown over this time anyway as I had begun to see the amazing results but this only lead me to challenge myself further and I began to realize
through my own hard work and dedication I had achieved something I never thought was possible.

I thought to myself, if I was able to get this far then I really can do anything, so that’s when I decided to get into weight training.

I’ve put every effort into my new lifestyle and I now train at the gym 6 days a week whilst maintaining a very strict and healthy lifestyle, my attitude and outlook on
life has changed dramatically and my energy levels have not only risen but I really feel positive, energised and alive!
I’m self taught, and research everything I know but I’m also not afraid to ask for help or advice from other fellow enthusiasts, after all, knowledge is power!

As friends and family around me began to see the changes in me physically and mentally, people began to ask me for advice or tips (either openly or privately) and
that’s when I decided I wanted to share my passion with others and took a very brave step by setting up my own Facebook Fan page and Twitter, opening my world up
to others who want to listen and sharing my progress, meal ideas and information about Fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Whilst a very daunting thing for me to do, I now feel even more inspired and motivated to succeed and I’m excited to share this journey with you!

You can follow me on my facebook page (GemsMotivation) or on twitter (@Gemsech). Thank you for reading and I hope you return again to see more of my progress next month.


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