Sponsored Athlete – Jed Hassell

At PB Supplements we are proud to introduce you to our sponsored Athlete Jed Hassell

At just 19 years of age and as a Natural Bodybuilder Jed has already competed twice and is now preparing to compete again on 1st September.

His previous comps include BNBF and NPA where he placed 4th at the West Midlands show on 4th August 2013!!!

It all started for Jed when at the age of 16 he wanted to impress a girl he liked but when that failed he didnt give up and just worked even harder, for himself!

He continued training simply because he wanted to look and feel better, he had no intention of competing at first but then people started to ask when he would compete…

He never thought he would have what it takes so if it wasn’t for those who encouraged him, he wouldn’t be where he is today.

Follow Jed on his journey;
Twitter – @jed_hassell
You Tube – Jed Hassell WITNESS OF FITNESS



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